• Gain a greater understanding of different perspectives in Technology and Sciences.
  • Development of personal skills not taught in the classroom.
  • Have a greater say in the talks presented!
  • Get connected to a greater community of peers!
  • Participation in SiTS looks great on a resume!


SiTS is very casual with its membership requirements. We ask that members make an effort to regularly attend weekly talks.

Membership Process

  1. First, we require everyone fill out our membership form on the new Engage system here.
  2. Second, we ask you fill out an interest form to be added to our newsletter here.
    • As a note, we use mailchimp which gets flagged as external by ITS. If you have an rule on your inbox to move external to spam, please exclude from that rule.
  3. Finally, you are invited to connect with us on our social media (below)!

Connect with us!

We keep in touch with our members via our weekly email newsletter in addition to the following social medias: